Supercharge your scaleup readiness!

In just two hours you’ll have new powers for growth!



In just two hours you’ll have new powers for growth!






To supercharge your scaleup readiness


To measure and master your key strategic assets


To justify and communicate resource needs to investors


For only 299€ you learn what all scaling up requires from your team!


Let us know how many startups you want to empower, and ask for an offer!

90% of startups fail due to lack of fundamental strategy work. HippoMeter enables founder teams to efficiently perform strategy work which otherwise remains undone.

HippoMeter reveals blind spots and quantifies key strategic assets. It converts the best judgements of your key people into unique in-depth intel.

Having your key people work one hour with HippoMeter today will save your team several working days tomorrow. 


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“Easy to use tool, interesting concept, makes you really think about things. Something you wish you had at the start of your journey."

Vicente Calvo Alonso, Founder & CEO, Comptek Solutions

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