Frequently Asked Questions


What is Hippo Enabler?

Hippo Enabler Oy is the company and community behind the Hippo Enabler Service and HippoMeter, at work to grow its own “baby Hippo” to market acceptance. All to help Good People build Great Companies.


How to identify a "Hippo"?

Hippo refers to a High Impact Potential startup or a High-Impact-and-Profit-Potential-Opportunity company: A business case with high potential for both impact and profit, also referred to as a transformative business case. A Hippo can have the shape or form of, e.g., a startup or a scaleup, an innovation project within a university, or a corporate venture. The greatest Hippos solve big global problems and emerge as Unicorns.

How about safety and privacy of data?

HippoMeter is developed and owned by Hippo Enabler Oy.  HippoMeter is GDPR compliant. All data is securely stored on servers of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the European Union. All data is considered confidential. No personal data is disclosed to third parties, for example, for targeted advertising.

Is HippoMeter applicable for all kind of businesses?

HippoMeter works best for Founders of deep tech or science-based startups aiming to raise 1-10M€ in international growth funding to enter and scale up in foreign markets. HippoMeter works across different sectors, industries, technologies, and business models. With HippoMeter, Founders and Enablers can help Investors and Financiers find and select the kinds of companies that fulfil their criteria.


How should I prepare myself to use HippoMeter?

In terms of user experience, HippoMeter is a multiple-choice questionnaire. It requires roughly one hour of private online time to complete, either at once or across several shorter sessions. When responding, be realistic and factual. Think of evidence at every measurement. Unsubstantiated claims will back-fire. Don’t hesitate to respond “I don’t know” at any point.


What is the background of HippoMeter?

HippoMeter is based on an award-winning concept and method, backed by years of robust university research, and proven in pilots with international, national, and regional enabler organisations engaging startups from over 30 countries. The deeper roots are in discoveries by seasoned entrepreneurs and venture capitalists on Opportunity and market acceptance and how Ownership can be the key enabler.


How can I get to use HippoMeter?

You can obtain HippoMeter product rights and get to register yourself as a user at Hippo Enabler Service by contacting us via this website.


What are the technical requirements to using HippoMeter?

Technically, one only needs a personalised email address and an access to a laptop or pc and online connection to use HippoMeter. There are no compatibility issues.


How about ownership of data and right of use?

HippoMeter users retain ownership of the data they provide. Each Hippo Team Leader has the sole right to share a Hippo company’s Internal Report. The Team Leader and the Hippo company’s Enabler Organisation (if any) has the sole right to share the External Report. Hippo Enabler Oy has the right to further analyse all data contained within the Hippo Enabler Service for the purpose of developing and offering new features and services. No identifiable user or business specific details will be revealed at any point to third parties.